CSC is awarded JiveWorld’s Inaugural Community Adoption Award

I received, along with a colleague of mine, John Chambers, Jive’s Community Adoption award at the inaugural JiveWorld conference earlier today. This award went to CSC for the launch of its internal community “C3: Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.”

Through the  tenacity, credibility and trustworthiness of those involved, the CSC team  secured a phenomenal level of executive endorsement from the onset and  established a clear linkage between its “enterprise 2.0” initiatives to the  company’s core business strategic objectives. Through enabling a strong global advocate network and allowing collaboration patterns to emerge, C3 enjoyed viral  success in only 20 weeks, achieving 25,000 registered users, over 2000 new  groups and generating over 1 million page views a month.

The Community Adoption Award was set up by Jive with the following in mind:

Building a useful and engaging community is one thing, getting people to join the community and participate is another.

The successful launch of a community is a complex process involving multiple company groups to build buzz, educate users and encourage involvement. Many of Jive’s customers launch large marketing campaigns to promote a new community where others leverage word of mouth and other social media tools to drive people to their community.

We are honored to accept the award on behalf of many of our CSC team members and global advocates who worked so hard with us over the months to make the adoption of this program a success and beneficial to our employees.

Six customers in total, United Business Media (UBM), NIKE Inc., National Journal Group, CSC, Kaiser Permanente, and Swiss Re were recognized for outstanding achievements in their social business strategies. Read Jive’s Press Release for more details.


Confirmed Fall 2009 Speaking Engagements

After a very successful 15 months behind me leading a grassroots effort that soon became a fully sponsored global deployment of social collaboration tools for our 90,000 employees, it’s time to share our enterprise social collaboration journey.

My goal now is to share the lessons we learned, things that worked well, things that we might have done differently, all with the aim of helping a new wave of Enterprise 2.0 Evangelists on their way with their own deployments.

With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at several conferences this fall.

JiveWorld’09, San Francisco, October 27 – 29, 2009

In spite of a tough economy this year . . . Jive experienced record-breaking growth in 2009.  Behind that growth …

“is a roster of industry leaders who’ve said “yes” to Jive and “no” to business as usual. Social Business Software is at a tipping point. Companies are casting their votes to eliminate silos in exchange for more connected and productive business conversations. Employees and customers are, dare we say, happier. The time to bring us all together to maximize the potential of a more social business environment is now.”

I am honored to be invited to speak about two things I feel passionate about:

Enterprise 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, November 2-5, 2009

If you care about Enterprise 2.0, this is THE conference you want to attend. Typically held annually in Boston around June, this is the first time the conference moves to the West coast.

Our theme for San Francisco is “unlocking the business value of Enterprise 2.0” with an emphasis on how real customers are using Enterprise 2.0 to enable more efficient, agile and highly productive workforces. The tools for Enterprise 2.0 are ready, and getting better all the time. Smart businesses are seeing the potential and investing in Enterprise 2.0 solutions. Now is the time to point to specific business challenges and opportunities that Enterprise 2.0 can address.

I’m honored to be invited by Susan Scrupski, Principal and Founder, 2.0 Adoption Council and SoCo Partners, to participate in a keynote panel this year titled Is Enterprise 2.0 A Crock? along with representatives from other major companies like Medtronic, Eli Lilly, Alcatel-Lucent, EMC, MetLife, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Gilbane Boston,December 1-3, 2009

For 2009, the Gilbane Conference is more focused than ever on the business impact of content solutions that are here right now and ready to be implemented right now. Every program component is tied to the business issues surrounding your marketing, technical and enterprise content.

Rachel Happe, Principal & Founder of The Community Roundtable, will be moderating a panel Collaboration Challenges 4: Fostering and Supporting Conversations.  This topic will focus on the challenges to conducting conversations across the enterprise.