Jive Champion Award Recipient At JiveWorld10

Last week, Jive announced customer awards along several key categories. I am honored to received the Jive Champion Award at this year’s  JiveWorld10, held September 14-16 at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. 

This honor, I believe, recognizes not only my successful efforts in delivering a global, enterprise wide program and strategy for employees, and now for customers, but more importantly recognizes the impact I have made in communicating the value of Jive as a vendor and social business software in general externally to the market.

I have been fortunate to speak at many events in the last few years and have met many customers or prospects at varying stages of their journey. I get inspired when I see others share the energy and passion we all have in this space. We all realize for the first time we see the promise of decades worth of requirements only now starting to be delivered in these newer tools.

It is easy to be a Jive champion in a space that makes work fun. Yes, there have been many late nights (see my Work Life Balance: Does it Exist post), and CSC’s own journey has been exactly that – a journey. But it’s one that has delivered business results while inspiring workers to get energized about their job. And it’s one that has afforded me the opportunity to share and compare stories with many other colleagues of mine in the industry.

Are you ready to get going on your journey?

This is a great moment in our industry. As Jive likes to say, it’s the biggest “from” > “to” moment in our work and in our generation. A time where we can revolutionize the way work gets done.

Are you ready to join the social business revolution?  I urge you to download Jive’s Social Business Imperatives. A must read for anyone planning either a move in an employee community, customer community or social media engagement. Even if you don’t select Jive, that document is a good read to help you with ammunition you need to make your business case (though I believe if you do the evaluation Jive will be hard to beat).

About Claire Flanagan
Claire Flanagan is a Director of KM and Enterprise Social Business & Community strategy at CSC. Views expressed are her own.

2 Responses to Jive Champion Award Recipient At JiveWorld10

  1. Mark Bean says:

    Congratulations on your award! It was great to meet you at JiveWorld.

  2. Kate Elkind says:

    Congratulations on your award. You deserve it for all your hard work!

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