2009 Speaking Engagements

I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at JiveWorld’09 in San Francisco this coming October.  The JiveWorld site now has the agenda posted as well as speaker profiles online.

I am excited to be talking about two things I care a lot about:

  • 4 Steps to Secure Management Support for your SBS Initiative: CSC Case Study (Session)
  • Creating and Managing Demand for Jive SBS Employee Communities (Panel)

Now that I’m about a year into our own internal effort, I look back and wish that I had better case studies on both the topics above. My goal is to share the lessons we learned, things that worked well, things that we might have done different, all with the intent of helping the new wave of Enterprise 2.0 Evangelists on their way with their own deployments.

I have submitted these topics as well for Enterprise 2.0 in San Francisco (coincidentally the week following JiveWorld’09) but I have not yet been confirmed. Watch my blog for an update on other places you can hear our case study live.


About Claire Flanagan
Claire Flanagan is a Director of KM and Enterprise Social Business & Community strategy at CSC. Views expressed are her own.

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