Complain Less. Smile More.

I am such an eternal optimist. My approach on life is to always look at possibilities, be thankful for what you have and don’t waste time crying over spilled milk (ok sometimes you have to ask why did the milk get spilled so you learn, but you need to move on and move forward).

So recently, when a colleague posted a link to this site on our internal social collaboration space, I realized I came across a gem!

The Smile & Move ™ site has so many inspirational messages for better living, better relationships, better work. Take a look at the brief video on this site for thoughts like:

The smallest things can have the biggest impact.
Don’t settle.
Exceptional results come from exceptional effort
Make every moment count.
Give no excuses.

It appears this whole movement was initiated after witnessing his daughter and friend with their lemonade stand.

I noticed what seemed to be a less than positive and energetic approach to serving their customers. It reminded me of the adults that I’ve encountered in too many places, who seemed put out or moved with complete indifference.

The messages here remind us that sometimes true change needs to start with ourselves, our attitudes and our actions.

Rather than paraphrase anymore of the great content on this site, please check it out yourself.


About Claire Flanagan
Claire Flanagan is a Director of KM and Enterprise Social Business & Community strategy at CSC. Views expressed are her own.

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