CSC Announces “C3: Connect | Communicate | Collaborate.”

CSC just released “C3: Connect | Communicate | Collaborate”, a pilot program in enterprise social collaboration — linking people to people and people to groups.


As program lead, it’s gratifying to see the fruits of our yearlong effort in making the business case and planning for this moment. The main themes behind C3 are as follows.


Employees will be able to connect with colleagues — time zones and distance will no longer be barriers to doing one’s job efficiently. Employees will be able to create and edit profiles, connect with each other, and have robust search and expert location tools.


Employees will be able to communicate with colleagues anywhere in the world to share what one knows or thinks. Employees will also be able to create personal blogs, group blogs, documents and discussions to share news or content with group members.


Employees can collaborate and get work done with team members in the pursuit or support of client work. Employees will be able to locate or create groups along business topics or projects. They will also be able to join discussions or ask for help from colleagues across CSC. More importantly, collaborating on content and documents has never been easier.

And Finally, Make C3 Work For You.

With C3, employees can decide how they prefer to stay on top of community updates by customizing activity feeds, receiving email subscriptions or using RSS feeds. In C3, employees are now in control and can receive a 360-degree view of what’s happening.

We are exctied to invite our global employees shape the future of social collaboration and networking at CSC as they Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with C3!


About Claire Flanagan
Claire Flanagan is a Director of KM and Enterprise Social Business & Community strategy at CSC. Views expressed are her own.

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